Monday, 2 December 2013

An Important Message


  1. Fantastic post. I hope everyone who can will post that on every newspapers 'please leave your comment' box, daily politics, and every email to their MP. Post it whever you can.

  2. Everyone knows the sort of companies thats going to be responsible for public safety if the government privatise the probation service. They've had a misshap or two recently with tagging and moving prisoners about. It's not really representative of their normal high performance though is it? And of course they will get things right with probation now that those couple of recent hicups have been ironed out.
    If you have a few spare days at hand then just read through some of these.
    You know they'll keep the public safe.

  3. Let us all take up the challenge to spread this! I am now asking people to view this via my email contacts, if we all do the same it must have some effect. Whoever did this THANK YOU and it is BRILLIANT !

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself - what a positive start to Monday!

  5. With the number of hits Jims site gets on a daily basis, I feel todays blogg may bring some good response from outside the boundries of concerned probation staff. The animation is brilliant, not only for its qualative impact, but also deserves a shout for its artistic proffessionalism.
    The list of failures by the big outsources (only read a few so far) is quite astounding. If this blog is indeed read at the MoJ, then I'm sure there's some that won't be to pleased today.


    1. Charities are both amazed and infuriated by the way big private sector companies' failures on multi-million pound publicly-funded contracts seem to be tolerated.

      We have seen G4S's bungled Olympics security contract, the Serious Fraud Office called in to investigate G4S and Serco's electronic tagging overcharging, concerns about the quality of Atos' work capability assessments and long running failings with the Work Programme.

      These multi-million pound contracts seem to demand less transparency and less rigorous monitoring than charities are used to providing for contracts or grants worth a fraction of these amounts. Most galling is that they appear able to go from one mess-up to another without it impairing their chances of landing further huge contracts.

      Two new reports from the National Audit Office investigate how these failures have contributed to a loss of confidence in government's use of contractors. The memorandum on managing government suppliers states that, according to Cabinet Office figures, central government expenditure with third parties in 2012-13 was £40bn, of which 25% or £10bn went to just 40 strategic suppliers. The Big Four – Serco, G4S, Capita and Atos – alone got £4.3bn of these contracts.

      The report asks whether the rising prevalence of a few major contractors is in the public interest. The obvious answer is that of course it isn't. It allows them to dominate, set prices and stifle innovation. Opening up to smaller providers, including both small firms and voluntary sector providers, would help alleviate the problem identified by NAO that some of these contractors are "too big to fail".

  7. Cameron is off with his business mates today securing their interests why does he spend so much of our time with them. He is supposed to represent the people.

    The big outsourcing companies are just like the banks "To big to jail. Our plight is a part of the neo-liberal revolution. When the banks busted the world economy the governments of the world chose to support them and not the people. There is an Elite that serves its own interests, that interest is diametrically opposed to our interests. Or more simply there is a club for the elite and we aint in it.

  8. Let's hear it for Cameron and the posh boys !

  9. Thank you for a very creative and inspiring post. I have signed the petition and promoted post and petition.

    As mentioned previously, I don’t agree with NAPO about not being intimidated, but on all other data. So under intimidation, I’ll be responding to TR letter when I get it with a grievance, while looking for another job, and waiting to have my vote, and voice heard, at the next general election.

  10. Still waiting for my letter, no action from my Trust yet. However, whichever way it lands for me I do not want either option. NPS ? Massive stress with all high riskers and no let up until the wave of redundancies hit.... Court Team ? Perhaps I will be the lucky one in the soon to be created risk clearing house and get to allocate service users according to risk and then await the SFO's reigning down on me....,,CRC ? nine months security then sold to G4s/Serco anyway and my job evaluated down to £19k a year ("market forces"). Anyone else wish they had been born a Cameron posh boy ??? Oh and our service Grayling et al I nearly forgot about them....won't take long for them to realise that the real villains are the ones in charge, the elite with their ruling class mentality harvesting the lower orders for their own profit. What has this country come to ?? PS. I honestly used to vote conservative, I am so sorry.

  11. Anon 15:41

    Dont beat yourself up friend all the main political parties are the same, all part of the same elite.

    "Left Unity" a socialist party was formed this weekend lets hope putting truth to power will shake the corrupt class up.

  12. What a depressing day, everyone at work had the same look of dismay on their face and disbelief that this is really happening.