Wednesday, 15 October 2014

MoJ Press Panic Button

The MoJ have been quick to react to events at Scarborough on Saturday, and have pressed the panic button. 

Some Napo members might have been a bit slow to pick up on what actually happened at the weekend, but not those bright things down at Petty France who have been accurately reading the runes at Chivalry Road for months. They knew immediately that the General Secretary had been rumbled with his plan to just keep going through the motions on the JR front and soon realised to their horror that a legal challenge just might bloody happen.    

Of course you wouldn't get any hint of a shift in power by reading yesterday's blog by the General Secretary, who has clearly been picking up some tips from someone on the dark arts of spinning:- 
The Officers and Officials all agree that this was an extremely successful AGM, and make no mistake about it, the main highlight was the way in which members received news of and endorsed the Judicial Review strategy that we have been pursuing vigorously over the last 12 months.
At a closed session of AGM I explained the various strands (and frustrations that we have endured during it) of the JR campaign, and why Napo has not been able to seriously consider a possible route forwards until now. I was also transparent about us having spent a lot of money paying for some of the best specialists in the field to help us and Edward Cooper explained the complexities involved and answered questions from members.
Members support
On Saturday I reported that we would write to members about the feedback we had helpfully received following the closed session, so that everyone could be briefed on the position we had reached and that members would receive as many assurances as possible in terms of us exhausting all avenues. The e-mail to members which we issued yesterday sets out as safely as we are able to, what we have been doing and where we hope to go next; and it explains that our call for evidence on a number of fronts (now that we have seen what a disaster the staff split has been and what it has led to), is crucial in terms of us seeking redress against the Secretary of State through the legal system.
We had a huge queue of members waiting to give statements to our lawyers at AGM and we have had further testimonies coming in over the weekend and yesterday and again today. This is now being analysed and sent across for possible inclusion in the portfolio of evidence. This represents an absolutely brilliant response from Napo members and another massive thank you for the way that people have stepped up to the plate when needed.
Cool heads and unity
So we now at last have a potential route for legal challenge against TR, and just as the Officer Group always intended we are now trying to pursue it to its conclusion. If the opinion says ‘go for it’ we will. If so I cannot guarantee victory, but I can as always, promise you that we will fight as hard as we can to try and seize the opportunity; the rest will be in the hands of the judiciary and wherever a bit of luck comes from these days. As I made clear to conference, we are in the most testing times in the history of this union but I am confident that the new Officer group will be up to the challenge and pull together just as the last group have done. We won’t raise your hopes unfairly and, as you would expect, we will keep a cool head as we try and steer us through all this.
Lets just clarify this bit:-
"The Officers and Officials all agree that this was an extremely successful AGM, and make no mistake about it, the main highlight was the way in which members received news of and endorsed the Judicial Review strategy that we have been pursuing vigorously over the last 12 months."
Some members were so impressed with the strategy that they spent all Friday afternoon drafting the following Emergency Motions:-
1. Having been informed that evidence is needed from members regarding JR in the closed session of conference, we mandate the officers to clearly inform AGM exactly what information can be shared with members outside of this conference given the stated deadline of October 17th. We further mandate the officers to inform conference what the implications are for any JR challenge if there is insufficient evidence from members to support the current JR exercise. 
2. We believe that a legal challenge to the SoS is absolutely crucial to stop or delay the share sale of the CRCs and whilst we respect the legal opinion of the current Napo lawyer, we mandate that Napo obtains a second independent legal opinion by 31st October should the current opinion advise against the JR option.
As you know, these were eventually withdrawn during negotiations with the Executive in return for the General Secretary delivering a prepared and agreed statement. Whatever the spin being put on things, we now have two problems. First, we have to make absolutely sure that every sinew is being strained down at Napo HQ in actually preparing a legal challenge, rather than just talking about one as previously. 

Secondly, the process must be even more urgently instigated, given that the MoJ have disgracefully brought forward the contract timetable in order to try and head off this new threat of a Judicial Review, as opposed to the previous empty threat. We know about the moved timetable from Harry Fletcher and the following tweets:-
Primes to be notified in 3 weeks if won contracts then signed off 2 weeks later. If JR a runner it must be filed urgently.
Successful bidders to learn in 3 weeks if won contracts, sign off 2 weeks later. So just 5 weeks left to save Probation!
Primes to take control of Companies by 1/2/15 and take responsibility for providing services from that date.
Private companies 'have until 1/4/16 to fully implement the target operational model' by which they mean total control.
So contracts awarded 17/11/14, sole responsibility to provide services by 1/2/15, fully implement operating model 1/4/16.
A case might be constructed that letting contracts on 17/11/14 is reckless, high risk to reputation and a danger to public.
Joanna Hughes has expanded a little in this comment left last night:-
Our Probation Service is due to be sold in 5 weeks yesterday. Providers have been told to mobilise in 1 week, will be told in 2 weeks who has won the contract but will not be allowed to make it public. On 17 Nov it will then be for e.g. Sodexo Probation. On 1 Feb they will take over sole responsibility and from that date they have until April 2016 to implement TOM. They have obviously reacted to the JR and have moved the contracts forward before any provider is ready. The MOJ's lawyers can ask to expedite the JR as a spoiling exercise and the lapse between the 2 hearings can be very short. The only person who has actually handled a JR in Napo has told me all this, so knows what he's talking about. We need to get everyone who can to give evidence asap and the lawyers have about one week to get this JR in. There is no message from Napo but they need to let the members know and we need to keep the pressure up. 
So, not only do we have an omnishambles of epic proportions, we now have one on steroids. This is not only highly irresponsible, it's highly dangerous. 


One consequence of a return of mojo is that almost certainly this blog will hit 1.5 million sometime today - that's 500,000 hits since TR was imposed on 1st June and when we passed the first million mark. Thanks everyone - I'll raise a glass to you all tonight!


  1. The probation service is going down hill, reports in the news back this up. The reason is that now the loyal staff who have worked so hard over the years are being treated as numbers and not people. The duty of care for hard working staff has gone, and soon profit will be more important to the companies that take over. I wonder how the victims will feel when they know what has happened to them is now a source of profit to private companies, shame on this government for their lack of insight

  2. Thanks for this textual deconstruction of the JR spin. It's good to see some real member-led influence at work. A little revolution, a Napo Spring perhaps, but also a risky time as the counter revolutionary's still hold the purse strings. We don't want IL breaking bad!

  3. We are a small part of a dirty underhand neoliberal putsch to privatise as a much as they can of the public sector before they are kicked out of office. They know that many people are starting to rumble them and now the economy is on the ropes and as we slip into another recession just before the election they and their rich corrupt pals are in panic mode. No letting up it's us or them.


  4. No-one will care unless or until it affects them personally. They have kept Britain Great (as commented yesteday, it wasn't the Falklands but a timely kicking of the old enemy) and they now have shitloads of cash to spend (not Sid's gas shares but their own pension pots. Clever for votes in 2015, but stooopid for everyone else in the future).

    The country is run by second-hand care salesmen & women selling dodgy shit to a (broadly speaking) very stooopid electorate: "oh look, Mr Reckless has left the Nasty Party & joined the Naztier Party - lets vote for him. We don't like anyone other than our own kind, and now he's just like us."

    This government knows exactly what its doing, it just wants to carry on because it believes it will benefit their own kind, i.e. global business owners, senior management teams and asset-strippers who focus on profit, not people; who are motivated by self progression, not the welfare of others; who are shameless in their ambition to be disgustingly wealthy. They are Eton's equivalent of DelBoy: 'Only Buffoons & Thoroughbreds", but without the kindness or the heart. Corporate pirhanas, stripping the carcass of the UK.

  5. We all need to be sending in examples as per napo request . The more info napo hq have the better. I may email napo hq to ascertain the timeframe and how they will let us know when JR is ready to go

  6. Jim, I think your blog is awesome, and I hope you get an award for it, and guess where I and doubtless many many more came this morning to find out what the heck was going on. But I really couldnt give a jot about who secured what and all that internal union shit. That is distracting and counterproductive. Like you said the tide is turning. If ever there was a time for Unity in NAPO and frankly Unity in Probation, this is it. We need to get with it, contact Yvonne Pattison if we think our case fits the bill, give all our support to colleagues who do that, contact the press, contact Joanna Hughes to the same end, basically get on with it. If anyone has been conserving their campaigning energy, you can put a five week deadline on it and get cracking. In fact what remains of this week is pretty crucial.

  7. "But I really couldnt give a jot about who secured what and all that internal union shit. That is distracting and counterproductive."

    I understand the sentiment, it's all very unfortunate for sure, but I have to disagree. People need to know the back story in order to make sure there's no backsliding at Napo HQ. Do not underestimate the fact that some remain unconvinced of JR and we must continue to make sure that this view does not regain the upper hand.

    1. Contact Simon Israel - Ch 4 NOW! - 07801-33410 or email ''. Or 'anna.riggs', phone 07759496260 -for a BBC 5Live prog. They have promised anonymity. DO IT NOW!! Leave a message and they will get back to you if busy.

    2. Responding to Jim at 08.48 and Anon at 10.00

      The back story is vital - it now seems clear Napo has been further hoodwinked by those at the top, even after Jonathan Ledger was cleared out.

      I am incredibly grateful those Napo members at Scarborough who seem to have cut through the spin – for now.

      In the same way that Grayling and his acolytes have upped their game and bought the dates forward - I am sorry to say those at Chivalry Road seem to be trying to STILL manipulate the process with spinning statements as Jim has quoted.

      Members need to closely question NEC reps at every branch meeting and get motions to the NEC that control the direction of travel and make certain NEC reps are absolutely in control of the process and understand what is going on.

      We still need an external enquiry into the Ledger era, it maybe that after all the Napo constitution is 'fit for purpose' but only if enough members use it fully. I foresee a need for at least one more Special General Meeting in the coming months and more staff and or representative changes being needed at Napo's top table.

      Full members cannot leave it to others. NOW is the time to rejoin, if you gave up in despair in recent years.

      First public probation needs to be saved - at the moment all that is needed for that to happen is to delay the selloff till after the General Election. (Getting a parliament who will control the government is a whole 'other ball game' - but first things first)

      - Then Napo needs to have policies and people implementing the policies that put the profession of traditional probation at its heart and ensuring that its members have the opportunity to do that very thing.

      I believe the role boundaries and qualifications and link with social work issues will need revisiting but maybe that is not immediately the greatest priority.

      For now those who put the screws on the Executive at Scarborough need to keep going and perhaps build a cohort and a new Napo Members Action Group - to make sure Napo acts properly. It should not be left to the oldsters whose names came out at Scarborough, but hopefully others will be inspired by what has been achieved.

      Someone, Jeremy Cameron “like” perhaps could help us by writing a novel, we can hold up to ourselves like a mirror - but maybe that is for another day.

      Also do not trust Labour politicians they still have not made commitments beyond not privatising if the contracts are not signed AND they get into Government. Right now another LIBDEMCON coalition seems possible, but there is now point speculating, as long as we are ready.

      Our biggest friend in Parliament Elfyn Llwyd is standing down and Paul Goggins is dead but John McDonnell, is likely to be still there as well as the up and coming Sarah Champion, who will hopefully put in the EDMs and questions.

      It would be oh so good if we could get probation focused independent candidate in the new Rochester and Strood by-election - it would help with media attention. Maybe all those pledging financial support to a "probation reunification fund" proposed by Joe Kuipers would financially support a by-election candidate if someone with a North Kent Focus can be found - speed is essential - (What does Chas Berry say about that?)

      Too many loose ends in this thread - the focus first needs to be simply stopping the sale - but there is lots more needed after it is stopped!

      Napo members need to closely question NEC reps at every branch meeting and get motions to the NEC that control the direction of travel and implementation of policy otherwise what will now experiencing will be a false dawn.

  8. Beware the quiet man 'stalking horse' attempting to pull the strings in the background. It is the employers (National Chairs and Vice Chairs and NEC) that give General Secretary Ian Lawrence his orders and that was what happened at AGM. It must have been a shock to be told. But watch out because the man who does not want to be news but nevertheless with an eye on the top spot is IL's long-term chum Asst. General Secretary Dean Rogers - apparently overheard somewhat carelessly discussing his own grasp of Napo internal politics and his future ambitions at a train station a week or so ago (unaware a contingent of probation staff were standing nearby). It appears he may be unconvinced JR has legs. Is IL really on the way out at such a crucial time? Perhaps a period of quiet reflection in Spain will help him decide whether its time to start talks for a deal.

    What did the lacklustre interim National Chairs comments about things not being right at NapoHQ mean? Wasn't his job just to stand in the doorway and block up the hall for a while and keep those who actually wanted to move forward with JR and progressing matters from doing so? If true this was a real waste of members time.

    Fortunately the new National Chairs, who were both strongly endorsed by London's Chair Pat Waterman, and new National Vice Chairs are it seems a breath of fresh air and appear determined to hold the 'wait and see-too risky brigade' to account and are more far more interested in members interests than the ambitions of those who wish to advance their careers in the trade union movement.

    Some sources say end of October for prime notification that would make a mid November sign-off likely.

    1. To be fair, I think the Assistant General Secretary could see which way the wind was blowing in Scarborough and in relation to a shift both in power and resolve to go for JR. All we need is someone at the top determined to go for JR - doesn't matter who. Presumbly the overheard conversation was before Scarborough?

    2. The overheard conversation was before Scarborough. There has been a welcome shift in power. The times are certainly changing. I would though like to point out that it appears Grayling has been moving a few of his pieces around. Grayling may well have an agreement with the Judiciary that we are not aware of in relation to his own department in return to maintaining the illusion of independence and not privatising the magistrates.

    3. To anon 10:26 what counts for me is actions not "endorsements"..Pat "endorsed" Tom as well. I gather there was no reference to him at AGM14...bizarre given there's an accountability session . However our focus now should be the future and how best to defend and protect Service values and ability to do the job. Up to HQ now to act on member evidence and resolve and pursue JR

    4. Re Anon at 13:09

      " I gather there was no reference to him at AGM14...bizarre "

      Yes in view of all the words about him here a few months back - it shows just how folk sometimes do not use their opportunities to clarify the policy of the Union to which they belong as an equal member to every other member (in terms of votes on national matters) including the national officers.

      No doubt London members will have opportunity to question Pat Waterman on her actions and nominations at a branch meeting - should they choose, rather than engage in speculation that may be unfounded.

  9. I would further like to point out that Grayling's ally and defender of TR Jeremy Wright is now Attorney General and nominally head of the Bar. We would do well to forge closer links with Justice Alliance whose campaign was split by Grayling offering Barristers a separate deal on legal aid. There are a number of other changes that alter the playing field in Grayling's favour in terms of pressure he can apply directly, behind the scenes and indirectly. It also needs to be kept in mind that the Supreme Court cannot overturn primary legislation.

  10. Walking around my office today, I have heard seven, yes SEVEN separate colleagues in unrelated conversations say (exact words) 'this doesn't work'. It includes a director, an SPO, an offender manager, TVP facilitator, MAPPA Manager, Restorative Justice Officer and Partnership agency worker. The issues relate primarily to having to make decisions based on limited, inadequate or unsubstantiated information. I have heard the term 'dangerous' used three times, each relating not to the offender but to the SYSTEM. It is palpable. Probation has been rendered ineffective by the MoJ and by t he Justice Secretary and practitioners far and wide, at all grades are fully aware of it.

    1. Inspecters were in our office today. I made a point of telling him that we are in meltdown and total chaos. He said I know. No proper breach process. Offenders turning up without any paperwork or information. Most of us in crc with numerous oasys outstanding. An offender on a sopo not allocated been seen twice by crc staff. It is not only lack of proper processes and increased bureacracy but a lack of goodwill that the probation service was so dependant on.

  11. re my comment at 1000am, with contact details, there is a gap in the middle of Simon's nbr, which should have been an 0. Sorry about that, But I have also heard from him and his phone is being repaired at the mo - don't know how long that will take- but email ok.

  12. I just wanted to back up the above comment. Simon Israel also called me and he hasn't been getting messages but all OK now. Jim, could you change the number at 10.00 to read mobile no: 07801 033410. I have checked with both journalists and they are waiting to hear from you.

    1. thanks Joanna! Hope it went dodgy because he's been getting lots of officers calling, eager to speak to him!

  13. Yesterday allocated a female case who if I hadn't received information from the Mental Health worker at Court could have put other Service Users at risk. I was unable to access the report or any information on her from Delius to assist me in my group induction today! I am so tired of having to chase information that previously was at my fingertips!

  14. Public Protection by accident! That'll work!

  15. Anon at 17.45. Hope you have told Napo about this and please consider contacting media as anon 10.00 above but with extra 0 in Simon's mobile!

    1. Yes...sent this example to Simon!

  16. to reinforce above request from Joanna - I'll just repeat Simon Israel's nbr, you can't have 2 many reminders!! - 07801 033410. If anyone else sees that nbr on my 10 00am comment - I must have touched the wrong key and got a - symbol in the middle instead of an 0 , Make sense???

  17. I'm meeting Simon soon, I'm so proud that we are fighting back at last and I feel a lot better for it.I hope that many others will be encouraged to fight back by just telling the truth; Grayling and his helpers are putting the Public in danger, Grayling is putting the public in danger and he does not give a toss.



    1. Great! I am so pleased that you feel better for it. You are really helping. Please try to persuade others. Everyone must have something to say, so don't be shy or fearful. Simon will ensure you remain anonymous. (still retired, though considering re-joining NAPO!)

  18. Spoke to an NPS PO yesterday. Just had her first supervision since June. I also know of another TVP facilitator who has still not had supervision since 1/6/14. Never see their manager. Apparently, they have been offered a date in November. And that is the HIGHEST RISK WORK WE DO!!

  19. I want the whole of the UK electors to read these comments from current probation practitioners - might Napo publish a news sheet to put on its website and handout at stations?

    We need to get these stories OUT - not enough of the media are coming to us.

    The new resolve of Napo since the emergency motions were withdrawn at Scarborough needs to include a more powerful PR campaign even if it means hiring others to help.

    I would like to see some comments about that especially from Napo Communications people at Branch and national level.

    I cannot believe that if ordinary people knew what staff are being put through and the knock on risk to the public - there would not be an outcry.

    This post is prompted by those two probation workers doing high risk work writing that they are getting no supervision, it is out of such situations that the major scandals occurred - which get highlighted in the media depending on who the ultimate victims are; that is how one respected London CPO was forced to resign a few years ago. These are disasters bound to happen unless there is some proper support to front-line staff.

    1. Joanna said, if anyone knew any famous people to ask, for support - eg Russell Brand, Stephen Fry. I'm not on social media, but they are- and so will others be, Can they not be persuasively invited to support us in spreading the word?. I have written, with my long Blog, TR-Tragedy or Comedy, attached, to 8 newspapers, but only the Newcastle Journal responded and did a full page article, plus Ch 4 Simon. .Perhaps we should invite the editors to read thro' a few comments on the blog (my long one précises the whole situation). It riles me when I see all sorts of social issues getting frequent prominence but never a word in the .'popular' tabloids. We need a big paper with fire in its belly to get it out onto the streets. ANYONE KNOW ANYONE WHO OWES YOU A FAVOUR , WHO WOULD BE ON OUR SIDE AND GET THE PUBLIC'S ATTENTION,, WE CAN'T GIVE UP NOW, We need IDEAS! THINK!
      (the retired PO- ML)

  20. We do need to get these stories out. If you have never written to your MP, or spoken to a journo, or phoned into your local radio station, NOW IS THE TIME. Put your shyness, your deference, and any other barriers in teh bin. Just say and write it like it is
    07801 033410.

  21. Have the MoJ really brought dates forwards in light of the supposed positive moves towards JR, or were NAPO's staunchly anti-JR, pro TR leadership simply party to this information on deadlines shifting, and as a result now once again seeking to hoodwink us all, pretending to be moving on JR, safe in the knowledge that it is at this stage unlikely to be viable because of the restrictive timescale?

    Simon Garden

    1. The change of dates news seems to have started from outside Napo - though some on the inside may have also known, but publication of likely earlier dates began externally check out at @hfletcher10 as one of several examples.

  22. Last chance tommorrow i think to send statements in to Yvonne for JR evidence.. Please remind other colleagues

  23. Andrew , below is an extract from the Hanson and White review by HMIP - It could be a case of history repeating itself - I hope not!

    “ An internal inquiry by LPA into the circumstances of the case concluded that the level of staff supervision provided by the Senior Probation Officer was inadequate. That Senior Probation Officer was interviewed for this review. Whilst he agreed that not all his planned staff supervision sessions had taken place owing to pressure of work he considered that the level of oversight was reasonable. What is clear was that the DTTO team was working without the benefit of effective administrative and information systems. In view of this it is difficult to see how the Senior Probation Officer could have discharged the supervisory responsibilities properly, regardless of how many supervision sessions had taken place. Access to information about key areas of practice such as contact levels with the offender and the enforcement of the court order would have been central to effective staff supervision and this information was simply not available.”

    1. Exactly - thanks for digging it out - does anon at 21:06 have a link to the whole thing for doubters?


    3. Thanks: -

      " Principal Findings and Key Recommendations

      Principal Finding

      1: Doing the job properly

      When an offender is being supervised in the community it is simply not possible to eliminate risk altogether, but the public is entitled to expect that the authorities will do their job properly, i.e. to take all reasonable action to keep risk to a minimum.

      This did not happen in these cases:

      With Damien Hanson, a high Risk of Harm offender, there was an
      overall collective failure within London Probation Area, both to
      identify the nature of his risk to others and to act to keep that
      Risk of Harm to a minimum.

      With Elliot White, a medium Risk of Harm offender, London
      Probation Area failed to manage properly his compliance with the
      requirements of his Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO).

      Key Recommendation 1: The National Offender Management Service should be able to demonstrate that:

      Throughout each offender's sentence all reasonable action has
      been taken to keep to a minimum that offender's Risk of Harm to

      All sentenced offenders, whatever their level of Risk of Harm,
      should be required to comply with all the conditions of their Order or Licence, and where there is a failure enforcement action should be taken in accordance with the relevant National Standard. This involves assigning responsibilities clearly at every level, so that each person involved in the supervision of offenders has clarity about their own responsibilities for decision-making and taking action to achieve the purposes of the sentence "

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      That is enough to be going on with - I wonder if most probation client supervisors are able to deliver that one recommendation with most of their clients right now - replies to Mr Grayling please, if it is particularly problematical - it would be wrong to transfer responsibility to a new organisation, unless the position was clear in most cases, would not it so be?

  24. One of my colleagues facing an sfo. She is feeling really bad because she had not completed an initial oasys. Working on 120+ per cent. This could have been one of my cases or any of my colleagues. Not able to manage offenders effectively with the relentless chaos in crc.

    1. Please, anon at 21:07 please get the info to Napo quickly as potential evidence for the JR - even if it is just a brief summary, it all adds support to the strength of the claims which to my mind are unanswerable by anyone with integrity!

    2. see my comment 9 comments back at 21 18- comments are flying in!

    3. re above and 21 18 - I shoud have said - 'never a word ABOUT PROBATION in the popular tabloids! Sorry if I confused you!

    4. To anon 21.07 please please (a)reassure your colleague the responsiblity for the offence lies with the client (b)the relevance of an Oays having been completed or not to sfo commission is very limited-the point of Oays is evidencing an analysis of issues and risk and hence a plan but.(c)what is arguably more important is,what did she and,if there was one ,PSR author,identify as key issues to work on in supervision especially if linked to re'offending and what did she and client actually work on thru supervision. ie accounting for what one was able or not to do (which is linked to resources) Also see if can get local Napo rep to accompany; we have no right to this but some areas have agreement that members can be accompanied in meetings for support.

  25. re the SFO, I would be interested to know what risk the offender was assessed as presenting - my experience is that most SFOs come from medium ROSH cases - and therefore CRC under the TR split.
    Look at recent information from this blog, how CRCs are managing cases by telephone reporting and mass reporting centres and many cases transferred without handovers..... NONE OF WHICH IS WHAT PRACTITIONERS WANT. The capacity for significant increase in SFOs is just growing and growing....

  26. What this needs is a 24 hours in the life of Probation documentary that can be aired fast . - This battle probably won't be won by JR although it may crucially stall the process. The government are relying on a disinterested public who don't understand the depth of public protection work undertaken by the probation Service. A two pronged approach (JR and public shocking) might be more fruitful especially given the looming election..

    1. "Do you have a fantastic idea for Radio 4 that you’ve always wanted to hear on air? What burning issue do you think is crying out to be heard? Listener Week is your chance to get involved. This November three programmes are giving you the chance to curate their content.

      Woman’s Hour offers a female perspective on the world, but is there something that's been missing from the programme? What’s your perspective? Get in touch with the programme and tell us about a topic that will make people sit up and take notice.

      The magnificent discussion programme, In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg and guests discusses the history of ideas; but is there something that we have we missed? Let the programme team know your big idea.

      And finally, Saturday Live – it’s real life but not as you know it. Radio 4's Saturday morning show is full of the stuff that matters, what matters to you? Tell us something amazing that we haven’t already covered on air.

      The programme teams won’t be able to reply to the ideas individually but they will pick the very best and broadcast them to the nation over one unique week in November.

      Get in touch with your brilliant idea that deserves a big radio audience, we’re all ears."

      From Radio 4's website - I looked up after hearing an on air invitation - how about 'Probation Week'?

  27. Re above post. A snappy slogan for the public might be "Stay safe, stay with probation"