Wednesday, 16 May 2018

General Secretary Election 4

I think it might be helpful if we summarise what's been learnt since Friday regarding the selection of the next Napo General Secretary:-

1. According to a comment seen on Facebook by Katie Lomas, there's been no change in National Officer roles as indicated on the circular - "must be a typo".

2. The two candidates will be interviewed by the NEC at their next meeting on 5th June.

3. Branches have been encouraged to hold meetings to discuss the merits of either candidate and return any nominations by 4th June. 

4. The Job Specification and Person Specification were both revised in March 2018.


My take on things are as follows:-

1. Neither candidate measures up to the revised specifications.

2. The post should be re-advertised. 

3. Turn up at Branch meetings and make NEC reps aware of your views well before June 4th.  


  1. on 1 The VC already indicates the desire to be the Chair type error not likely.

    on 2 I doubt there will be an interview I am told it will be prescribed question answer session.

    on 3 From the general picture well reported branches are mostly dysfunctional and discussion is lifted from snippets on FB. It is suspect any pressure from branches has brought about the invitations.

    On 4 Possibly a few people in the Country could make the person spec as written. Who updated the requirements What was their brief, pretentious ?

    It is an unrealistic and wordy meandering of a desirable non achievable exemplary expectation of standards and levels to be achieved by one so great it should be accomplished by breakfast. Get the point ? Wordy tosh.

    JBs view 1 On that specification you are correct but only big Egos could apply. The interviewing panels obviously do not share your view.

    JBs 2 The post has no prospect of being re advertised there is no such process or allowance for this as the candidates have been accepted.

    JBs 3 Unlikely to see many at branch meetings Take a poll and see how many branches NPS crcs are genuinely operating. You will disappointed.

  2. I think the person spec and job description should be published on this blog.
    I hear it has been changed - by who and why? Did the NEC agree these changes? Doubt they've been put out to the membership. I haven't seen them.
    Who decided that neither candidate is up to it?
    I think we have a right to all of this.

    1. Anon 12:06 Both were published on here yesterday.

  3. Katie Lomas is a Vice Chair. Who put her in charge of this?

  4. It is nice to see the Trolls out in force this week. If I was Mike Rolfe I
    would run a mile, when memberships isn't passive and pathetic (allowing TR,
    E3, cuts in leave and policies which erode our terms and conditions) they
    are taking to the internet being classless about class.

    The coded language on here reeks of classism.

    "If any quote 'make probation great again' I'll cringe" ahhh I see a white
    working class bloke running for GS for snooty Napo members must be
    referenced to Donald Trump. Yes let's blame the working class for Trump,
    for Brexit. I guess the only working class people some probation officers
    see are their offenders. Yes the working class full of drugs, alcohol,
    violence and mental health problems. We are the disease.

    How did south park put it "a choice between a giant douche or a turd
    sandwich". If some Napo members got outside of their Napo bubble (which as
    far as I am concerned burst long before TR with its own racism and sexism
    scandal) you would find Mike is not going to bring us into disrepute with
    his sexual shenanigans, he is respected by POA members and has achieved
    more for prison staff than Ian ever achieved for Napo members. So to refer
    to him as a turd sandwich is offensive. To refer to Ian as a giant douche
    is disrespectful. The South Park reference was in relation to Trump vs
    Clinton for those who may not watch the show.

    Some see a prison officer (undereducated, not linked with probation and
    therefore not suitable to take the helm). I see a former prison officer, a
    public sector worker, someone who has had to write reports on prisoners,
    work alongside probation, experienced pay freezes, staff cuts, resource
    cuts, who cares for the public sector who has stuck their head above the
    parapet not only as a public sector worker but also as a trade unionist and
    Labour Party activist. In my view Ian says Mike does.

    Crying over the fact no one from a probation background would touch Napo is
    ironic considering the hate and nasty comments on here. Come election you
    have two choices. Choice 1 Ian (who I think tried his best in the most
    difficult circumstances) the end result was we are where we are now. I do
    not think we can continue down this road. Or choice 2 Mike new blood,
    someone who shares in our oppression having come from the MOJ surviving pay
    freezes and cuts left right and centre. Of course I would prefer a
    probation/pso/ca person to be standing but we only have the choice between
    a career trade unionist or a public sector worker. It will be our job to
    inform Mike of our concerns, struggles and wants.

    1. Annon @13,07

      I think your comment represents the the most inappropriate language I've read on this blog this week. I certainly haven't seen anything I would call Trolling.
      Most objections raised about MR relate to his prison background, and how probation has already been too heavily influenced by prison orienorient policies.
      No comments have sought to discredit MR as a person.
      I don't agree with you're views, but I don't attack you for having them.
      It's called debate and expression of opinion.

    2. agree with you

    3. LOL hope you're not probation officers. Nothing wrong with criticism of Napo being swalloed by poa fears but referring to him as a turd sandwich you think is fine? What part of Anon 13:07 language did you find inappropriate?

    4. Ooooohhh who rattled your cage?

    5. Yeah, and I guess the only working class people some OTHER probation officers see are theirselves , as clearly anyone who disagrees with them on anything *must* be a 'snooty' middle class sort as they and they alone are the voice of working class authenticity. Well you can stick your sanctimonious self appointed voice of the working class bullshit up your arse - is that unsnooty enough for you?

    6. That makes little sense to the real working class . Swearing is a snooty pastime not owned by the lower the classed good people I come from. The problems are class true to a degree but it is this stuck up superior attitude of the CQSW dipsw and graduate po sense of superiority and entitlement . Many of those hard working staff cant stand it from majority POs who hide behind a junk not really very professional PO title and most of the time just about get everything wrong.

  5. Breaking: Dinosaurs still exist & can be found in the courts of rural England.

    "Recorder David Potter heard the probation service had concluded that Hopkinson needed to “pull his socks up” and continue with the community order."

    What a refreshing change! Well done!

  6. PAY PROTEST - 18TH MAY 2018

    Napo is launching its joint pay claim with Unison on Friday 18 May and both unions are asking members to stand together in protest. The protests are not industrial action but designed to bring attention to the pay claim and the lack of pay progression in probation for nine years.

    Please do NOT identify your employer as this is not industrial action.

    .. I’m confused. How does one public protest about pay without naming ones employer?

    .... and why can’t we just have a strike like normal unions do!