Thursday, 3 May 2018

Free Weekend in London

Whilst chaos still reigns in all parts of probation as a result of the TR omnishambles, a number of cottage industries have sprung up and are doing rather well. We know the bill for NPS agency staff last year was a staggering £26million and here is the latest wheeze from Red Snapper designed to lure back former either disgruntled or discarded experienced staff:-

Dear Xxxxxxxxx

You are receiving this email as you are currently engaged by RSG as an agency worker in the probation service.

We are emailing to let you know about the Probation Sector Re-joiner training programme that Red Snapper Group are running every month from June this year. It is a FREE two day course, held across the weekend and consists of a number of modules covering changes in legislation, probation systems and risk management and assessment.

The programme is to enable former probation professional who have left the sector over 3 years ago to revitalise their knowledge and bring it up to contemporary standards. The offer is also open to our current workers to attend as an opportunity to test your own knowledge and expertise. An excellent opportunity to maintain your Continuous Professional Development. There will be a certificate issued to evidence completion.

Please follow the link to the advert for more information:

Are you a former probation officer interested in returning to the service?

The Red Snapper Group has developed a probation sector re-joiner training programme to assist former probation officers return to the service on agency worker terms. The training course is completely free and are held at weekends to work around your current working commitments.

This 2 day course is held in both London and Birmingham and has a pass/fail feature.

The course covers
Transforming Rehabilitation and Offender CJS Journey
New Key Legislation Changes
Risk Refresher
OASYS and Sentence Planning Refresher

Once you have completed and passed the course our recruiters will promote your application to the employers wishing to employ experienced probation practitioners. There has been a great deal of change and transformation in the probation sector. Legislation, practices and policies have moved on and changed a great deal across the last 5 to 10 years.

What has not changed is the reward practitioners enjoy from monitoring, supporting and intervening to assist recent offenders in meeting the terms of their sentences and becoming productive members of society.

If you are a former qualified probation officer and have not practiced for over 3 years please get in touch to find out more about enrolling onto our probation sector re-joiner training program

Red Snapper Justice (formerly known as Criminal Justice Skills) is a recruitment business and a recruitment agency.

If you are interested please send your CV to

We would appreciate it if you could please pass this email or link on to any current or former colleagues or friends who you believe might be interested in, or benefit from, this programme. We are offering £50 gift vouchers for referrals to former probation professionals not registered with RSG who sign up to and attend the course, so please do get in contact if you have anyone to refer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of the team on 0203 119 3300.

Best regards,

Resourcing Consultant



Comment left at 00:10 this morning:- 

Business update : Working Links

"At the start of 2018 we developed a business strategy and set ourselves three business goals. And whilst we are making progress against these, the recent budget reforecast for 2018 has presented some challenges. Unfortunately, it has become clear that we need to make some reductions in our underlying overhead cost base as our current operating costs and overheads are too high."


  1. £26m for NPS probation staff agency fees. Wonder where the money comes from?

    1. The whole annual budget for some or the smaller Probation Trusts was a 3rd of that!!!

  2. Are they paying travel & accommodation?

    "Mike Penning: Yes. During the first contract period with Red Snapper for the provision of staff for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (February 2013 - January 2016), accommodation expenses, where applicable, were claimed by Red Snapper personnel from the Ministry of Defence and paid through the company. These expenses are included within the total amount of the £2.97 million claimed by contracted..."

  3. What a load of shite. An agency delivering OASys training.

    1. Probably ex-probation senior managers who, having been the priveleged few who voted themselves eligible for EVR, are now casually pocketing more public funds as sessional trainers for RSG. Wonder if they'll come face-to-face with thise they shafted into unemployment? Might be worth going just to witness the fighting...

    2. ... and to visit the stand of the Probation Institute!

  4. Seems like the agency has been told to vet the competence of their agency staff. I'm sure it's not their idea.

  5. I'm minded that a poor show for the Tories in today's local elections combined with some very pissed off Brexiteers and shrinking support by the DUP over proposed plans for the Irish border, might mean enough letters being sent to trigger a leadership challange for the Maybot, which in turn could lead to an early election.
    That's my daydream for today anyway.
    I can't help but highlight this little gem either, partly because it mocks Grayling, but mainly because it shows just how absurd the governments privatisation programme is.
    It just cannot be right.


  6. Rory Stewart gave a peculiar contribution to the last TR Justice Select Committee, in which he said in effect that the CRCs were victims of their own success, (it was convoluted, but that was the argument) and then went on to say that, yeah, TR hadn't been a success, it was all a bit of a mess, but it had been such a traumatic and expensive upheaval that it would not be a good idea to do much in the way of major re-upheaval.

    “I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er,” (Scottish play)

    What Rory and the whole sorry bunch at the top end of probation fail to grasp (they never did) is the scale of energy and talent that would be released if they pulled the plug on TR, tore up the contracts and got to fixing probation. What they fail to grasp, (they never did) is that there is a huge well of expertise and knowledge to draw on. All they have to do is demonstrate they have the bottle to do it

    "But screw your courage to the sticking-place,
    And we’ll not fail" also from the Scottish play

  7. I don't bother with an alarm clock these days, I just get up when the pinging of notifications of emails from recruiting agencies looking for POs flatlines into a whine