Thursday, 4 June 2015

Opportunity Knocks

For those members of Napo who might be feeling things need to change, the time is approaching to consider motions for the AGM and nominations for key posts:-  

To: Branch Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretaries and Convenors, Family Court SEC
National Committee Chairs

Dear Colleague,

Motions for Annual General Meeting 2015
Notice in writing of any motions from a National Committee, Branch, the PSO Forum or two individual full or professional associate members of Napo must be received by the General Secretary at head office by 12noon on THURSDAY 20th August. Please note that constitutional amendments may be submitted only by the NEC this year.

Motions should be sent to Napo head office on the appropriate form, attached BR 54/2015. Please give your motion a short descriptive title and complete the details for members to be contacted regarding any queries that arise.

Word limit – 200 words
Steering Committee has introduced a word limit for motions of 200 words (excluding the title). Please note that motions exceeding 200 words will be edited in consultation with the proposers. Forms can be emailed to or faxed to 020 7095 xxxx putting ‘Motion for AGM 2015’ as the subject of the email/fax.

While receipt of motions will be acknowledged, we would remind those submitting motions for AGM of their responsibility to ensure that these have been received at head office by the given deadline.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

BR 52/2015 IL/AV
1st June 2015
To: Branch Chairs, Secretaries & Convenors Family Court SEC
Cc: NEC Representatives

Dear Colleague,

Nominations for Napo Officers 2015-2017 Nominations for Steering Committee 2016-2019

Nominations are sought for the following Officer posts to take effect from AGM in October 2015:-

One Cafcass Vice-Chair post
One Probation Vice-Chair post
One Probation Vice-Chair post (with additional responsibility for chairing the NEC Finance Subcommittee and liaising with the Finance Officer)

All posts receive 50% facility time.

Steering Committee
This Committee is responsible for the ordering of business at General Meetings. Nominations are invited for the 2 vacancies which occur this year - those elected will serve for three years, the posts taking effect from January 2016. Branches/Family Court Section may make one nomination only. There is no facility time for these posts.

Section 9 of the Constitution as amended at the 2014 AGM contains the detail of the arrangements for Officers and is attached as Appendix 1 on page 4 of this paper. Section 13d of the Constitution contains the details of the arrangements for Steering Committee and is attached as Appendix 2 on page 5 of this paper.

Nomination Process
Attached are the forms for completion by branches and candidates for election. The closing date for nominations is noon on Monday 13th July 2015. If an election is necessary there will be a postal ballot of all full members and the results of the election will be available by late August.

Candidates for election of Officers must be full members of the Association as per Clause 4a(i) and must be nominated by branches. Candidates for election for Steering Committee do not need to be full members.

Branch officers must complete and forward the attached form BR 52a/2015 so that the form is in the hands of the General Secretary (see procedural checklist and forms for details to email/fax/post) no later than noon on Monday 13th July 2015. Candidates must also forward their written consent by the same date using the attached form BR 52b/2015.

If a ballot is required we will circulate a statement to members from each candidate (see BR 52b/2015). Statements from candidates contain two sections:

Section (a) should cover career details, Napo/staff associations/other union roles and posts held. This section should provide only factual information. Section (b) should include the aims and views that candidates wish to communicate, addressing Napo's objects as far as possible.

Please ensure that Section (b) is no more than 250 words in length. If this section exceeds 250 words it will be edited without consultation.

Candidates are required to sign a statement verifying the information they have provided (see BR 52b/2015) and should also complete and return Napo’s Monitoring Form, which is attached to BR 52b/2015. Napo will be appointing Electoral Reform Services to act as Independent Scrutineer if an election is necessary.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary


Nominating Branches must:-

1. Ensure branch members are aware of date of branch meeting at which the vote will be taken on nominations.
2. If any nominations are endorsed, complete and return branch nomination form (BR 52a/2015 attached) by stated deadline.
3. Supply nominated candidates with a copy of both the candidate’s declaration/statement form (BR 52b/2015 attached) and Napo’s monitoring form (attached).
4. Ensure that candidates know of their responsibility for completing and returning the candidate’s forms and are aware of the deadline for return of these forms to Napo head office.

Forms can be faxed (020 7095 xxxx) or emailed to in order to meet the deadline but the originals must also be posted to Napo head office.


  1. Opportunity ? For what ? Divided service fractured comrades in different interest groups within a splintered union. Napo has little money low integrity with deep perceptions by many of a lack of honesty.
    Coupled to that, the abysmal tactical failings leading to this mess.

    Who could offer the top table anything that could lead to a change in direction . Anyone joining this group will have to be incredibly strong and able to put up with the damage to reputation and relevance in the workplace after Ian Lawrence failing GS stint. Lets hope the candidates read the blog are aware of the wider views and capable to challenge.

    Followed closely by the current officers group who yet again are completely unable to manage or direct the union business properly. Membership is in decline revenue to function is on the floor and yet they think we cant see that. In branches where members are waiting for check off to end their membership Napo have another wall to come the end. Yet despite all this I heard the union is unable to fund its national reps panel. Without that group anyone in difficulty in either the CRC or NPS it will be a walk in the park for management to destroy what is left of the career structure. Bleak future indeed does not begin to cast a shadow this is going to be a very long dark period.

  2. Have you ever thought of becoming a motivational speaker?

  3. 'for those members of NAPO who MIGHT be feeling things need to change....' er ... are there ANY members who DON'T want anything to change????

  4. For people with so much authority in your job, there seems to be slot of anti management and anti napo leadership. Why is this?