Monday, 5 September 2016

How to Magic Work Away

Seen on Facebook:-

I've just come back from leave; what do NPS staff think of this new tiering?

You'll need to check it's right - I've found mistakes in mine. Not sure it's an improvement.

Yes I have too. Also doesn't suit PPO cases

And lifers or IPPs in the community come out low enough to be supervised by PSOs!

It's crazy. One of my PPOs who is medium ROSH comes out Lower than a PPO who is low ROSH cos of his high OGRSs score.

What is it? We are in the process of moving into a coloured system x

Not sure if you're in work but all our cases have been tiered in Delius automatically for the NPS system. Think we're just to ignore it and await the move from Delius ...

They've got rid of the tiering 1-4 and replaced it with a new system.

Yes we've just got rid of the 1-4 system.

It's far more complicated in my view

No doubt it's designed to make the work easier...............

We are CRC and were discussing it at work today. Can't say I fully understand it (or need to!) but if they are now saying certain tiers should be PSO managed, surely the fact that all OMU PSO's were automatically placed into CRC should now be questioned?

We have PSOs in NPS

PSO's that came over during TR or recruited since? I'm pretty sure in our area all PSO's (unless Court Officers) were put to CRC on the basis they wouldn't be allowed to manage NPS cases? I'm sure there was no sift for PSO's in Northants? (Looking for someone else in my area to correct me??)

Yes they came over in TR. now they are doing most of court work. In Devon & Cornwall we never had PSOs in court.

Either way I hope the union picks up on this. Sounds like NPS will need to recruit PSO's now, after originally having no apparent need for them.

We said today that Xxxx, Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx should transfer back to us. It's a ridiculous situation x

No chance - I'll have no bloody colleagues left!!

Surely if the case is suitable to be managed by a PSO in NPS - it should be managed by the CRC!!!

It's Mappa level 1s. Medium ROSH .. Etc

Regardless - how can a new recruit to NPS be better able to manage any level of risk - than a CRC colleague probably with years of service and experience - it baffles me. I am programmes in CRC working with mainly NPS participants.

I know ... It's crazy

This highlights just how we have been divided by the changes. Its simpler than that.... all cases should be managed by one organisation ....NPS.

I agree - but that's not going to happen any time soon - so rather than build up the NPS and take on new staff on rubbish terms and conditions (compared to those already serving) let's ensure that we protect the jobs and the skills and professional judgment in CRC staff (recently ex NPS) - which are used to support and rehabilitate our participants - until such a time (hopefully) we are again all one service.

Basically the morons realised there was no recruitment/career progression for NPS without PSOs in the mix, also greatly underestimated the number of MAPPA level ones, despite being warned.

The assessment is wrong - Mappa 1 should be CRC - I have some amazing colleagues both posted and PSO with years of experience working with these cases.

I'm with Xxxx on this, nothing "should" be CRC or NPS, we should be one public organisation, I refuse to use the language of division.

I 100% agree with you - but you might want to all come and work with us.

"Us"? I don't believe there is a them and us.

Your absolutely right  I just get so angry with this whole mess.

Yep - another night spitting dust and ruminating rather than beauty sleep lol.

Me too.

Don't you just love these things. I am still in favour of qualitative assessments. People are individuals.

We assumed our workload on WMT would suddenly plummet with the new tiering but it hasn't. Early indications are that not that many cases are suitable for PSOs either so the staffing figures they came up with in the summer that said the North East were over on POs and way under on PSOs seems dodgy to say the least. People need to check that cases have been tiered correctly and discuss with managers if not. For PSOs to take the C1 and some C2 cases they have to have "evidenced competencies" which is going to involve months of training and observations potentially, so not even a quick fix. Chaos as usual.

Isn't it just.

Currently in CRC so haven't seen this but I decided just could not work for NPS - not only because of the rubbish terms and conditions but the total general chaos being managed by a load of still wonderfully dedicated staff - so I applaud you all but with 5 years to go before retirement - wanted an easier life.

After all my consideration last year I too decided to stay CRC for the same reasons. I'm taking maternity leave in November then will see what it all looks like once I'm back.


  1. Perhaps the good doctor could work his apparent magic on the probation service? In 12 to 14 hours all the CRC and NPS will be gone and the Trust's will return triumphant. He truly would be a God on earth if he could manage that. Switch the spam filter back on Jim. There's a good chap.

    1. Oh no, we don't want probation trusts! How about instead bringing back the good old days of probation areas and return probation officer training to social work qualifications? No more E3, NPS and CRC's; now if Doctor Okpamen can promise that I'd be happy to purchase a bottle of his finest snake-oil!

    2. Yes I hated the Trusts. So many non-jobs at head office.

  2. On a more serious note the new tiering exercise seems to me to be designed to enable more cases to be managed by cheaper staff. I have no particular issue with PSO's managing medium RoSH IPP's and Lifers. Like sex offenders there has been far too much smoke and mirrors about these people over the years. RoSH is dynamic and as we all know offending rates amongst lifers are stubbornly low, to coin a phrase. My issue is the formulaic means by which the new tiers have been defined. As a comment above says, people need to be assessed on their individual needs and circumstances. We all know that the most effective practice comes from addressing diversity. Don't we? An illustration of the current lack of joined up thinking in NPS is the E3 proposed end state for staff numbers. It fails entirely to take into account the OMU in custody review that says that prison OMU'S need to be staffed exclusively by PO's starting in the Spring of next year. That means PSO's currently in prisons, as well as a significant proportion of those in AP's, will be coming into the community and PO's will be going to jail. In addition all custody cases will be managed by an OM in prison until six months prior to release. A review of my caseload indicates that the PSO managed tiers plus the custody managed cases mean that I have three left. Two of them are in hospital on Section 47/49 and the other is UAL in India and never likely to return. Oh well, better get my prison suit dry cleaned then.

  3. When a PSO is doing all of my job, what will happen to me :(

  4. Rehabilitation Practitioners are on the way. The clue is in the title,they'll fit in anywhere, NPS, CRCs, or even helping out in under staffed prisons.
    Apprenticeship time served, cheaper to employ, and ratified by the Institute of Probation, the centre of excellence.
    Probation services are being phased out, and will be replaced by rehabilitation services.

  5. Loving this . All those strutting gob schites in the nps are being replaced by pso who they are so quick to judge as being beneath them

  6. Could we please have job evaluation for all those managers on cushy numbers who don't actually manage anyone.