Monday 24 December 2018

Happy Christmas 2018

Woolworth (UK): Have a Cracking Christmas: 1981

Things seemed much simpler back in the day - make your own beer, pop in a casssette, dab on some denim and hope you were going to get that GKN screw selection box! Just look at the size of the Quality Street tin back in 1981 and of course there was still cracknell in the red wrapper! According to this found on the internet, quite a few favourites have gone over the years:-
  • Brazil (the original 'Purple One' with Brazil nut, replaced with hazelnut version)
  • Chocolate Strawberry Cream (now replaced with Strawberry Delight)
  • Chocolate Toffee Cup (now replaced with Caramel Swirl)
  • Hazelnut Cracknell (red wrapper)
  • Hazelnut Eclair
  • Rolo (Not to be confused with later Chocolate Toffee Cup which had a darker wrapping)
  • Coconut Eclair (Green Wrapper)
  • Chocolate Nut Toffee Cream
  • Fudge (Purple wrapper)
  • Malt Toffee (replaced with toffee deluxe as a "new" flavour)
  • Toffee Deluxe (brown wrapper, similar in size and shape to the Coconut. Do not confuse with with later versions.)
  • Milk Chocolate Round (now replaced with Milk Choc Block in green wrapper)
  • Peanut Cracknell (blue wrapper)
  • Coffee Cream (brown wrapper, same size and shape as the strawberry cream)
  • Almond Octagon (purple wrapper)
  • Vanilla Octagon
  • Gooseberry Cream (green wrapper light green fondant with a touch of Gooseberry Preserve covered in milk chocolate)
  • Apricot Delight (blue wrapper, square chunk, apricot flavored jelly covered in milk chocolate)
  • Toffee Square (metallic pink wrapper, a small square of very hard toffee)
  • Chocolate Truffle (brown square chunk, a soft truffle filling covered in milk chocolate)
  • Montelimar Nougat
  • Fruits of the Forest Creme (pale purple wrapper)
Thanks for reading and contributing over the last year. Hope you have a Cracking Christmas! 


  1. Happy Christmas Jim and to all the other reader's , thanks Jim for all your hard work on this blog , it's kept me going through some very dark days - let's see what the New Year and TR2 will bring to those of us that work ( and have to use it ) within the Criminal justice system !!

  2. Montelimar Nougat - but in Yorkshire is it noo-gah or is it nuggett?

  3. Merry Christmas x



    1. To an unprecedented clamour of outrage from parents across the land it has been announced by Bernard, Santa’s Head Elf, that because of Brexit Santa has signed a deal outsourcing the UK leg of his traditional Christmas Eve delivery round to a consortium of couriers comprising of Yodel, DPD and Hermes from Christmas 2019.

      But already an online petition, set up only three hours ago, has been signed by more than eight million people demanding the government steps in to veto the move and save future Christmases for the kids.

      One such signatory, mum of three Doreen Pritchard said: ‘Can you just imagine Christmas morning next year when my kiddies wake up with none of their toys at the foot of their beds? Instead there’ll just be lots of little cards lying in the hall saying We tried to deliver your parcel but were unable to do so. Please call 0800 123 4567 to rearrange your delivery. It’s CHRISTMAS DAY for God sake! How can we do that!’

      Another parent, father of four Mike Nelson, agrees: ‘I can just picture the scene on the big day with my four. Assuming any of the presents are delivered even remotely close to my address, then there we’ll all be, out frantically hunting around our own, or next door’s garden, looking under bushes or behind garages and sheds attempting to find what, if anything, has been chucked over the fence or hidden allegedly ‘out of sight’ in the middle of the driveway.’

      However Christmas expert, James Whelan, is not holding out a lot of hope that things will change before next year. ‘Santa simply will be unable to shift his position,’ explains Whelan. ‘Because of Brexit and as a foreigner, he will no longer be free to enter Britain laden with packages without exhaustive and extensive six-hour searches of his sack being undertaken by customs and border control officers.’

      ‘Given what is his already almost impossibly tight schedule there just isn’t time to comply and still fulfill the remainder of his global deliveries. Therefore he has no option but to subcontract.’

    2. Thanks Jim and back at you, it's gone pretty well.
      As for who wins the Santa contract?
      I don't think it matters much.
      It's a transport issue, so Grayling will be involved!
      Elves on the picket line next year?


    3. Outsoursing is to be replaced by insourcing shortly . Hny


  6. Yet again we start back up after Christmas in unpaid work . Moral at an all time low . Big changes coming are way and not for the better . Big year 2019 make it count and get out . Loyalty doesn’t stand for anything in the crc just numbers

    1. Which CRC pls reafing this blog one isibeing sold to moj.

  7. Two pretty damning articles in today's press on the privatisation of probation services. There's also an article in the Times but paywall.


    1. The most recent that I can find in the times is Friday 28th December 2018.

      "Judges lose faith in community orders"

      Richard Ford, Frances Gibb
      December 28 2018, 12:01am, The Times

      Rory Stewart, the prisons and probation minister, said there needed to be a serious conversation about sentencing


      Judges and magistrates have lost faith in community punishments, the prisons minister has admitted.

      The use of such penalties by courts has fallen by almost a quarter over a decade, a study has shown. Rory Stewart, the prisons and probation minister, said there was a need for a serious conversation about sentencing to reduce overcrowding in jails in England and Wales. “We need to restore the faith of the judiciary in community sentences and encourage them to make use of community sentences,” he told MPs on the Commons justice select committee.

      The study, by the Centre for Justice Innovation, a reform charity, concluded that there was a “worrying sense that the trust of sentencers in the delivery of community sentences is fraying”.

      Court closures and the semi-privatisation of the probation service, changes brought in by Chris Grayling when he was justice secretary in the coalition government, were blamed for undermining probation officers’ relationship with judges and magistrates.

      Privately-run community rehabilitation companies now oversee low and medium-risk criminals.

      Phil Bowen, director of the Centre for Justice Innovation, said: “We found that while sentencers still see community sentences as a vital option, their trust in probation’s ability to deliver them has been dented by poorly-implemented reforms and the cuts to the justice budget that have happened over the past six years.”

      John Bache, chairman of the Magistrates Association, said that his organisation shared the concerns about confidence set out in the report, and suggested that courts should be able to review the progress of offenders they had placed on community sentences.