Friday, 22 July 2016

No Competition

Seen on Facebook:-

With a little push in the right direction Private Eye did a little digging around and discovered MTCnovo put in the only compliant bid for London and Thames Valley CRCs. Apparently they got more than they wanted as they were only seeking a foot in the door and the MoJs rubber stamp to apply for prison contracts only to be lumbered with London that any savvy multinational wouldn't have touched with a barge pole. Working Links and Purple Futures also cashed in with no competition. So this was the contest that was to bring the best of the private sector to probation - not. A one horse race where even a knackered three legged horse could limp over the line and be declared a winner simply by taking part.

You might want to ask who assisted them to tick all the boxes the MoJ were looking for? And why did they get London despite a weak bid?


  1. Good article this morning Jim and reminds me again we should be making inteeligent FOI requests to MOJ on contracts. The Gov website does report on previous requests but I would be interested to know how branches have got on if they have made any. Tried a couple of time but you have to be careful in getting the request right, you know what they say be careful for what you ask for. I would like to know out of all the bids how many had explicitly stated they would be reducing the workforce.

  2. Govt press release Nov 2013:

    "The bidders represent more than 50 organisations, and include partnerships between the private and voluntary sectors, small and large businesses and probation mutuals.

    The successful organisations will be delivering services across England and Wales to help tackle stubbornly high reoffending rates that see 600,000 crimes committed each year by those who have already broken the law.

    Chris Grayling said:
    “The level of interest in these contracts shows the market place for Government contracts is in good health, with innovative partnerships bringing together the best of each sector.

    “We now know the contest to win one of our sought-after rehabilitation contracts will be genuine and hard-fought."

  3. From this blogsite earlier this year:

    "Last year, the Conservative government handed probation services—which manage ex-prisoners on release from prison, trying to guide them away from crime—to private companies. MTC are running two of the biggest new "Community Rehabilitation Companies" in London and the Thames Valley. All but the most violent ex-prisoners in London are being managed by MTC and their partners, operating under the name MTCNovo. The MTCNovo website doesn't say who is in charge, but company records obtained by VICE show that Bernie Warner is one of the American directors of UK based MTCNovo, and has been since last December."

  4. Listed directors for Mtcnovo Ltd:

    Bernard Warner, administrator: from 1/12/15
    Lyle Parry, not specified: from 19/11/14
    Wayne Robertson, solicitor: from 19/11/14
    Robert Marquardt, not specified: from 19/11/24

    Mark Carrol, Finance Director: 11/12/15 to 30/4/16
    Gillian Duggan, Company Director: 19/11/14 to 30/4/16
    Justin Mendelle, solicitor: 28/10/14 to 19/11/14

    Two shareholders are listed as Novo Community Ltd & Management & Training Corporation (uk) Ltd

    15 mutual companies are also listed (with mutual directors):

    Novo Community Ltd (Duggan, Mandelle, Robertson)
    GeoAmey Pecs Ltd (Duggan & Robertson)
    Carillionamey Ltd (Robertson)
    Carillionamey (Housing Prime) Ltd (Robertson)
    Amey Plc (Robertson)
    Culina Logistics Ltd (Carrol)
    Sharpe Pritchard LLP (Mendelle)
    Culina Chilled Ltd (Carrol)
    Sherard Secretariat Services (Robertson)
    Amey UK Plc (Robertson)
    Amey Holdings Ltd (Robertson)
    Sharpe Pritchard Strategy Ltd (Mendelle)
    Andover Consultants (Carrol)
    The Thames Valley CRC Ltd (Duggan & Robertson)
    The London CRC Ltd (Duggan & Robertson)

  5. I've got it on good grounds. Napo top table have called emergency meetings following members lack of confidence in chair on this page blog. Napo is shook to the core. you're winning jim

  6. Jim you've napo on the ropes so why change the topic discussion today. lets get back to holding napo to account. We deserve this. We pay all this money and they've done nothing. Let's strike back for their laughing at us

    1. Who are these clowns who like to spread mischief and downright lies? 09.45 and 09.52, probably the clown.

    2. Alright Ian. Jim has you rattled

  7. Napo should have done more at the beginning of TR to establish terms and conditions regarding privatisation and argued the allocation process. CRC staff sold down the river.

    1. yes you are defiantly correct yet there is some responsibility on the elected group and we elected them.

  8. Has been kicking off at our crc! Service users pissed off with being kept waiting for ages only to be told pso is off sick! Starts kicking off in reception. Another turns up at wrong office following a move and again shouting in reception. Offenders calling up asking why no one is giving them appointments! Staff off sick and those left holding the fort run ragged! Meanwhile back at cloud cuckoo land TR is apparently a 'roaring success' because we all know the Tories have done a fine job recently with their political decisions and civil servants and judges have great faith in ms Truss. Meanwhile in dismaland a struggling po carries on regardless waiting for armagedon.

  9. Ian Lawrence "I endorse everything Pat Waterman says" London NAPO AGM.

    1. OH what is that then please?

  10. Sorry, bit of a cheeky comment.
    Pat outlining issues London faces in her last meeting as Branch Chair, calls for additional support from the Gen Sec. Ian commences with the above comment before rallying the meeting with a Traditional Union speech
    ...but not committing.

  11. Ian top brass do one get youre own house in order before continuing to sound stupid

  12. Copy and paste into browser to find the contract value at the time of the bid for each CPA.