Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sign of Things to Come

I have to say that I share the somewhat ironic observation that the new minister with responsibility for probation is already "calling for tougher community sentences."  As the Bystander Team points out, hardly novel. Actually I'd go further and say it's the usual meaningless soundbite formulated by the MoJ press office for public consumption. 

What is more interesting though is that the MoJ can't even get Jeremy Wright's title right, wrongly describing him as 'Minister for Probation'. He isn't. He is Minister for Prisons and Rehabilitation. Note the not-so-subtle difference. Jonathan Ledger, General Secretary of NAPO says:-

"Jeremy Wright is to be known as the Prisons and Rehabilitation Minister with Probation relegated to a bullet point in his responsibilities. It would appear to be a signal of intent from the new MoJ regime."

"Obviously, the absence of its name insults the Probation Service and all those who work for it by reducing it's status - no matter its proud history of changing lives and protecting the public."  


  1. I always write my [usually] daily blog BEFORE reading your own and others` efforts. It is no surprise that your post today echoes my own. Great minds think alike....don`t they?

  2. Indeed, in the rough and tumble world of blogging, it's always nice to get a bit of support for ones argument.