Friday, 28 September 2012

Heads Roll

So, two executives at G4S have fallen on their respective swords over the Olympic Security scandal, but somewhat amazingly the Chief Executive Nick Buckles so far survives. Apparently the 'independent' report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers said he was 'essential' to the business. Well maybe he is enjoying a stay of execution while he tries to persuade the government to hand over lots more cash under the terms of that breached contract. 

Somewhat belatedly I notice that as a direct result of the Olympic fiasco, Surrey Police have decided to pull out of a major joint outsourcing contract with the West Midlands force and G4S. Potentially this was worth £1.5billion and the decision has been taken despite the recent active words of encouragement from Home Secretary Theresa May. 

Personally I've also been more than surprised at such key contractual obligations being entered into by Police Authorities who only have a few months to go before being replaced by Crime and Police Commissioners. The whole issue of privatisation of police services will be bound to feature during the campaigning period prior to elections in November, with some candidates either being sceptical or full-on hostile to the notion. 

Clearly there is mounting evidence that those in authority are seriously rattled about the privatisation route for public services and the possible consequences if things go 'belly up'. It's a possibility that is just as real for Probation as it is for the Police.     

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