Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Search for WMT

Seen on Facebook:-

We have just found out that uncommenced requirements in delius are impacting negatively on the WMT. One officer had 40 such cases in which requirements had not been commenced! When these were actioned her WMT shot up from 77 to 111% and the team as a whole went into the red! This needs to be looked at by all (shame we are not allowed access to see our own WMT numbers) our evidence will be presented to managers early next week. If the WMT had been released to staff earlier we could have picked up on this, saving money, staff stress and loss of good agency staff etc. I don't feel trusted.....

Are u NPS or CRC? 

I'm NPS and we can find our WMTs

In the CRC after decades in Probation. We were told the WMT would be released to us in January but shocked Management said no as there would be a walkout if those stats were released, that's what I was told. For me that shows the problem solving ladder without the rungs! We are not trusted....

That is bad.. you should be able to see your work loads

And that's my argument! We are all professionals and we are adults. If we see stats are wrong we will say so in an orderly evidential and productive manner, both NPS and CRC. But they are hidden from us as if we are children, luckily I have been here longer than most managers and they show me what I am not trusted to see....all business cases are based on WMT.

Our CRC dont have WMTs .. I dont think

I would suggest they have some type of measurement! Whether you see it or not is another matter! Private companies in all areas of life that want to make money need to analyse stats to death to focus on the weak points. If not, then they are company who will take flight during an ongoing analysis that results in a negative outcome, they will then take the financial hit and move on, but become renowned as a company who worked on UK government contracts. This gets you known to the rest of the world and opens doors, regardless of any failures.

It's just so wrong

It's been the model for 100s of years.

East India Company! The company that Serco, G4S, Sodexo etc wishes to become. A company that nearly toppled the British government! A government that initially gave them the royal seal of approval to strip India of its assets. I could go on about the implications to our relations to China etc, but I won't.

I'm with you comrade. I've been working in Probation for nearly 20 years. Now I see NPS people I used to respect and work with for decades, turning their heads away as I enter the room.

My CRC give us no points in the WMT for custody cases until 12 weeks before release. Morale at an all time low. Sad and bad times

Why do they do that?

It may have been a problem with ND entries. If not allocated properly it only pulls through the order, not each individual requirement which affects WMT. Is then a data issue not a staffing issue. Hope this helps.

All I know is that cases have been allocated to OMs but the requirements under a RAR have not been commenced. At a local level we are looking at a 20-30% impact on WMT. Hence the pulling out of head hairs by staff for months.

Why are officers being penalised and criticised for uncommenced requirements? This is an admin task.


Apparently we are being told "we are not cutting the mustard!", I hark back to my previous entries on this site and say "we are being mismanaged". The evidence is in what we cannot view-the WMT. A tool that every business plan is based on. A tool that controls your allocations. A tool that is based on false statistics.

Which area?


You should be able to view your own WMT, we have access in SEE division.

We are not allowed to see it. It was supposed to be released to us in January. To this date, only managers have access.

Staff oppose implementation of TR on basis design is fundamentally flawed and timetable hopelessly unrealistic. MoJ press ahead regardless. Management fall into line under MoJ. And it's a mess. Solution: Blame the staff blame the staff blame the staff

That's about it...

Which is the model being used to destroy NHS also

Sadly you're spot in...

I keep shouting about mismanagement at high levels in all levels. AT users can't even use IT! But as a Practitioner, I'm at risk!


Tweet from Harry Fletcher last week:-

"As the number of staff in Private Probation falls so they are told to spend max 10 mins with offenders or use the phone!"


  1. No WMT in Teesside CRC!

  2. At a recent team meeting to discuss why we polled so negatively in the recent staff survey the WMT was cited as a manipulative tool use by management to foist even more work on you as in ' so and so is currently on 120% and you are only at 90% therefore you can do more....increasingly I am seeing practitioners who can't hack the front line becoming managers and then telling us to do what they couldn't .........

  3. MOJ acronym Miscarriage Of Justice.

  4. No visible WLMT in CRC Merseyside.

    1. I've been told we can ask our manager during supervision sessions for our WMT data but unfortunately we never have supervision & even when we do we're in a small backroom somewhere with no IT access. I've been working at over capacity for months - pushing 100 cases - nobody can tell me i'm not being deliberately kept in the dark.

  5. On access to workload statistics, I think Napo should advise on this and get some legal advice if need be. A right to access should be available through the Data Protection Act under Subject Access'. It is not clear to me how information being held that relates to decisions being taken in relation to an individual can be legally withheld from said individual.

  6. As an aside, does anyone remember Form 20's, the monthly form-filling ritual and clients being on multiple orders?

    1. Indeed happy days xx

    2. And Form 30s - possibly the first attempt at a WMT? I 'm still owed about five years TOIL from the F30 measures

    3. That is why they stopped it

  7. Everyone in NPS can access the WMT.Links are on system.

  8. I remember not filling out form 30s as part of industrial action about pay around 1983/4.

  9. WMT don't exist, just a figment of the government's imagination.

  10. Probation Officer13 March 2016 at 19:25

    WMT is a management tool for giving you more work, not taking work away. If you're in the black youll receive more work for not working hard enough. If in the red you're told the WMT is not accurate.

    WMT means at 100% you're at the agreed MAXIMUM workload, but do not expect anyone to bat an eyelid. If this increases to 110% management must take action to decrease it (see Napo guidance). This will mean requiring you to be more efficient rather than removing work. The management method to get around this is 1. Ignore it and 2. Restrict access to WMT.

    Moral of the story: probation work = overworked and staff routinely work over their contracted hours without additional pay! Unions have never stopped this forced unpaid overtime aka slavery. Expect it to get worse. CRC's in some areas have already reassessed all offenders as low risk of harm to lower WMT scores. E3 includes a new tiering model to ensure more for less and will do away with WMT.

  11. WMT is an art not an science and only as accurate as data in Delius. Lots of cases being managed as medium but risk assessments not changed in Delius from high thereby keeping WMT artificially high.

    1. It's well known that the WMT underestimates the work we do. The main reason the WMT is inaccurate is because it does not account for many of the tasks we do.

    2. 19:32, not so. Senior managers put pressure on middle managers to reduce the numbers of Mappa Level 2 cases and high risk of harm cases. Management routinely run reports to check that risk levels tally in OASys and Ndelius. More for less is the mantra!

  12. I am in a cRC and according to our wlmt I am on 200% with no action being taken, and they are cutting staff? It is madness!