Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Redundancy Roundup 2

Here are the details of the proposed redundancies for the BeNCH CRC:-

Target Operating Model / Current

LMCs and NCs

LDU Managers 4.0 / 8.0
Team Managers (SPOs) 12.4 / 17.3
Probation Officers (POs) 31.0 / 57.7
Probation Service Officers (PSOs) 91.0 / 86.7
Admin Managers 2.0 / 0.0
Case Administrators 40.0 / 40.3
Receptionists 12.0 / 11.1


BeNCH Wide CP Operations Manager 1.0 / 0.0
CP Managers 2.0 / 8.0
CP PSOs 11.5 / 11.6
CP Supervisors 32.5 / 22.9
BeNCH Wide Programmes Manager 1.0 / 0.0
Treatment Managers 4.0 / 7.9
Programme Facilitators 32.0 / 26.3

Corporate Services

EMT 3.0 / 3.0
PAs 1.0 / 6.5
Finance Manager 1.0 / 4.7
HR Adviser 1.0 / 12.0
IT Support 1.0 / 4.0
Performance Manager 1.0 / 6.0
Partnerships and Supply Manager 1.0 / 0.0
Health and Safety (FM) Manager 1.0 / 0.0
Marketing and Communications Manager 0.0 / 1.5
Business Development 0.0 / 1.5
Centre Managers 0.0 / 6.5
Interventions / Unit Managers 0.0 / 4.6
Senior Administrators 0.0 / 1.5
Company Secretary 0.0 / 0.4
Partnership and Operations Supervisor 0.0 / 1.0
Officer in Charge SAC 0.0 / 0.3
Deputy / Support Manager 0.0 / 2.8
Regional L & D 0.3 / 0.0
Regional HR Business Partner 0.3 / 0.0
Regional IT 0.6 / 0.0

287.6 / 354.0

Latest communication from Nick Hall, CEO of Northumbria CRC:-

Dear All

Further to my email of 16 July (copy below) I am now writing to launch the Company's Voluntary Severance (VS) Scheme for all permanent staff. The application form and full details on how to make an application can be found on Noris (Business Services / HR / Voluntary Severance). Please also note the following:

  • The criteria for considering VS applications include factors such as cost, business continuity, retention of skills and expertise. 
  • If you are over 55, we will be writing to you individually in the next couple of days to provide details of your pension as well as any pension strain on fund cost. 
  • Once you have completed the VS application form please forward this by e-mail to Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Director of People Management & OD, either before but no later than noon on Monday, 10 August 2015. If you fail to meet this timescale, your application will not be able to be progressed.
  • If your application is accepted we will confirm your likely leaving date along with any other relevant information, including your notice period. This information will then be confirmed in a legally binding individual settlement agreement which you must sign as part of the process. You will be required to seek independent legal advice before signing this document - any associated reasonable legal costs will be reimbursed by the Company.
As per my email last Thursday, whilst our VS scheme is in operation we have re-commenced our formal consultation process with the trade unions. As part of that process we have shared a wide range of detail with them, including the changes we propose to make to our Redundancy Policy, the most significant of which is how redundancy payments are calculated. A copy of the proposed redundancy payment ready reckoner is available on Noris (Business Services / HR / Redundancy) for your information.

We have already been asked if we would welcome any further ideas that you might have in relation to saving money - please continue to email me at nbr_tell_nick. We would also welcome any flexible working proposals as a measure of reducing the amount of redundancies and if you are interested in reducing your hours on a permanent basis, please complete a Flexible Working Application which can be found on Noris (Business Services / HR / Policies and Procedures / Flexible Working Policy). Your application must be received by Friday, 7 August 2015.

I would also like to share with you a breakdown of current and future staffing numbers and this is attached accordingly. Also, in the next couple of days I will be able to share with you the latest position regarding our proposed Estate.

Finally, if you have any questions relating to the VS scheme please email nbr_hr_enquiries in the first instance.


Nick Hall
Chief Executive
Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company
Lifton House, Eslington Road, Jesmond
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4SP


Dear All

In my email of 3 July 2015 I outlined that Sodexo had referred their proposed voluntary severance package to the NNC Employer’s Side Joint Secretary and that details of it would be formally released to CRC employees today, Thursday 16 July 2015.

While discussions with the recognised trade unions remain ongoing, we are committed to sharing this information with you today as promised, in order that you can consider the proposal and make an informed decision about what is right for you. If, as a result of the discussions with the trade unions the details of the voluntary severance package change in any way, I will of course let you know as soon as possible.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share our required staffing numbers with you.

Voluntary Severance Package
If you would like to apply, the voluntary severance offer is:

  • Two weeks’ actual pay for each year of completed service, up to a maximum of 30 weeks
  • If you are in an age group that qualifies for early retirement (individuals between the ages of 55-64) you will have the option of either taking the voluntary severance payment, or you can take early retirement. Early retirement will enable you to access your (unreduced) pension with immediate effect.

For most people between 55 and 64 the early retirement option will be worth more than the full voluntary severance package, however in some cases it may be less. If it is less you will receive a payment to make up the difference. 

Please note, this severance payment will include any entitlement to a statutory redundancy payment and the early retirement option does not include any added years. The voluntary severance package is subject to you entering into a legally binding settlement agreement with the CRC.

Proposed Numbers
I know that many of you will be anxious to know what our proposed staffing numbers are. In Northumbria we anticipate that we will need to reach a staffing level of 160.4 to deliver the new operating model. The details of the new proposed staffing numbers are attached as an appendix and are subject to consultation. Please note that we don't expect to reach the final staffing numbers until the Spring of 2016. We are currently in discussions with Sodexo about retaining a significant number of additional staff to ease the transition process.

It is our hope that we will be able to achieve the proposed staffing reduction through this voluntary severance process. However, if this does not prove to be possible we may need to consider reducing our headcount through alternative means, which could include a compulsory redundancy process. In order to plan for this we will re-commence the process of formal consultation, which includes those who may be affected by a possible TUPE transfer. Some CRCs, including Northumbria, will also include proposals to vary our existing policy.

Applications for the voluntary severance package will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with our local criteria. An application for this offer does not guarantee that it will be accepted; however we hope to be able to accommodate as many applications as possible.

The decision whether or not to apply for this voluntary severance package is a personal choice. However, we have produced some supporting materials to help inform your decision. You will find a question and answer document on Noris which employees across all six Sodexo-owned CRCs will be receiving. We hope that it will address some of the questions you may have about this offer and what it means for you.

I would also encourage you to speak with your local HR contact if you have any further questions or concerns that are not addressed through this document and we will endeavour to provide you with an answer at the earliest opportunity.

Should you have any further questions about our proposed staffing numbers or our voluntary severance package then please feel free to send in your questions to nbr_hr_enquiries. We will be accepting applications for this voluntary severance package from Monday, 20 July 2015 until 12 noon on Monday, 10 August 2015. The application form and supporting information will be available on Noris from 9 am on Monday morning.

Our business is undergoing significant changes and this is undoubtedly a difficult and challenging time. I want to reassure you that we are committed to providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your personal circumstances and will be providing you with further details of the support available to you if you decide to apply for this process.


Finally, this reported from CLCRC:- 

"CLCRC have certainly upped their game today by announcing via email at 5pm that they will be changing employees' terms & conditions with immediate effect, thereby removing any and all reference to EVR and replacing it with a scheme that's virtually statutory redundancy, i.e. Max 15 years at current payscale. Presumably to frighten as many as possible into taking the insult that is voluntary severance? And despite the lack of any agreement with any trades union the 90 day clock has been started on redundancies & letters are in the post."

Can someone forward the e-mail please, together with the figures for the four remaining CRC's. Thanks. 


  1. "You will be required to seek independent legal advice before signing this document - any associated reasonable legal costs will be reimbursed by the Company."

    Required to seek independent legal advice - why?

    1. In order for a severance agreement to be enforceable the employee will need to be afforded independent legal advice so they are aware of exactly what they are signing. It's normal practice. A solicitor will take the employee through each clause of the agreement and explain exactly what the employer is requesting from the employee in order to receive compensation. The solicitor will then usually advise on whether the amount of compensation is fair in their opinion.
      A usual severance or compromise agreement will include covenants on the employee whereby they must promise not to do certain things and in return they will receive compensation. This will usually include a provision that the payment from the employer is in full and final settlement of all claims. In other words, the employee could not take any grievance they had to an employment tribunal after signing the compromise agreement.

    2. Thanks, 09:54

  2. So, in a nutshell for N'bria "take what you're offered now, if you don't you risk being made compulsory redundant and to top it all we're going to make changes to the current policy to really screw you over" tantamount to bullying! FFS, where are the Unions over this??

    1. Not a lot they actually agreed the fiasco in the rush to sign up for EVR the breach of agreement is it ??? Look back it was all time limited and that limit is off NAPO sold out when they signed on with the framework. They had to because Ian Lawrence was in the framework discussions why ? Because he was naïve and star struck at his chance to shine ! Naively invited in by Lions the poor Lamb went . Well we are getting eaten now . All because he had no capacity to think stand back and reflect. We should have fought harder and challenged the legality of the dissolution of Probation. Who let that secretary of state privatisation plan go through under labour ? Obviously napo still asleep. When it is good they do nothing when its bad they cant. What does Sarah Friday actually do at NAPO ? Anyone?

    2. Who is Sarah Friday?

    3. She's North Area Acting Manager at England Athletics.


  3. Surely, given that EVR has applied to previous employees, some of whom are still in post (!) then it has been established that an implied right to an enhanced redundancy payment has developed by custom and practice. The right to EVR are not described in any documents as 'discretionary' and therefore they may be held to be contractual entitlements because of the way they have been administered ?? Just a thought ?? Changing the policy now wouldn't surely make no difference as the policy that is in place now, at the time of the offer being made is what would be referred to ??

  4. re the EVR debacle, my husband, with lengthy experience of working on both sides of the table re staff/union negotiations, in both private and public services, has been studying the blog carefully for evidence to confirm the legality or otherwise of the EVR/severance turn about.

    He noted in Andrew Selous' s much quoted comments, from Hansard I believe, most recently posted at 22 38 on NAPO Guest Blog 64, (one of 77 posts), that the EVR was put in place, funded by monies from the Modernisation Fund- ' to support a sustainable reduction in resource requirements. An initial wave of redundancies was made in advance of the letting of the contracts for the CRC's, and the remaining monies were transferred to the CRC's on a pro rata basis to be used FOR THE SAME PURPOSE. While we have no plans to reclaim any monies allocated to the CRCs from the M Fund, we have robust contract management with arrangements in place to ensure that they are used for the purpose for which they were provided.'


    Very clever Sodexo - how did this get past legal and union parties involved? Sadly, it would appear that Sodexo have staff over a barrel, unless NAPO or even NOMS or Michael Gove find even more clever expertise to pull it apart.


    1. Yes a good Post and yes I agree if it is not spelled out then interpretation is the way to bend it out of shape. So no well done to those in NAPO who must be really feeling beaten by now. It is not their fault though they are not skilled or mistrusting enough to understand the betrayal that employers do to each of the ir staff every day. OK My attempt to challenge and lets hope napo wake a little here is that we an argument of comparative treatment bar a few weeks or months of time difference. Time not being a real factor because it is the difference in outcome we are looking at.
      If a man on very similar employment path takes a redundancy under EVR terms and still work on waiting for the end date and a salry to boot while a comparator a women applies now but is offered less of the terms the MAN or MEN enjoy then there is a real case for a retrospective action. NAPO Get your money out and pay for what you are supposed to legal protection for all our members. Win one you win them all . I suspect napo could do with a few of its national reps in a think tank right now they have some incredible people with good sound ideas and a few lawyers of course. I realise NAPO probably have no money left though given the spending on the JR and such like but I cannot see them spending money on the fee paying members. Still we all only have to fund a few cases to challenge the goliath of Sodexo Anyone out there called Dave then ?

    2. Absolutely napo should have had test cases running throughout the whole TR.

  5. CLCRC - letter has landed. We've only 90 days to save the world.

    1. Can someone please copy, paste and send it to me? Cheers.

    2. The letter has arrived, but the post last evening re an email supposedly having gone out at 5:00 pm yesterday was completely untrue. Such lies are unhelpful.

    3. My most humble apologies, 17:57 - Penny Barker's CLCRC Email was sent yesterday at 16:47, not 5pm. I can't send it or paste it from my work email. Sorry I was 13 mins off accurate. Twat.

    4. I withdraw & apologise for the final expletive above - its been a long, hard, difficult, unpleasant, shitty day. The sarcasm remains valid, as does the email audit trail.

    5. I work for CLCRC and no such email was received in my office yesterday , today, or at ALL. The letter arrived at home addresses today. I therefore wonder why you received such an email.

    6. Okay, two glasses of red later - 17:57, this is not a situation I would lie about or make mischief. This is about people's lives. In the absence of union advice, or any guidance whatsoever, I am working my cute butt off to try & find a way through this shitstorm - not just for myself but for all CRC colleagues.

      Okay, I lied about having a cute butt. And for the avoidance of doubt, I got my letter today.

    7. 19:38 I work in a CLCRC operational office. Ihave not received what you describe either.

    8. Interesting. I will check when I'm next in the office on Friday - maybe print it off, scan it & send to JB? I wasn't the only one in the office when it arrived... others received the same. In the meantime, can anyone else in CLCRC confirm whether I'm (1) making it up or (2) the recipient of the email which spoke of letters being sent & terms&conditions being changed?

      Perhaps it was a stealth email to winkle out the insurgents & extremists? If so, Guilty as charged. I'm fighting for my career here!!

    9. "In a further and very serious development which we learned of only yesterday, this contractor has also signalled its intention, without due notice under the NSTPA, to revoke the protected arrangements for staff within its Lancashire/ Cumbria CRC in relation to the compulsory redundancy policy."

      Does this help?

    10. You might want to refer to JB's blog just up this evening...

  6. Seem to need a load more corperate services. Staff

  7. I'm horrified to learn of the 25-40%cuts to be made to all non protected departments that's just been announced... I was hoping that there would have been a bit of a chance for some security having made it through the sifting process into the NPS,but it looks like I may have to worry again :-(

    1. If this is a genuine comment, then I suggest you think about the content of this and other blogs since the Sodexo slash and burn strategy was announced, when you talk about "security".

      If it's a trolling comment, like we've seen recently, then shame on you.

    2. Right so 1648 but there is a blog on the nice stories back along of CRC and NPs I think this blog actually thought they would be safe so it is a shame for them and ignorance of the issues shame too.

    3. A lot of people working in CRCs feel resentment about the largely arbitrary nature of the sifting process. Many of those are now at risk of losing their jobs simply because of the nature of the work they happened to be doing on one autumn day in 2013. For those who happened to be luckier (because the sifting was more about luck than skills or experience) to post here about their anxieties about the future because they "thought they would be safe" shows a shocking lack of awareness. That kind of "I'm alright Jack" attitude prevented the sort of workforce unity which might just have made a difference.

    4. 16.13 u should b worried because with a self centred attitude like that hopefully u will b sifted out this time. I'm also in NPS but it's not the service ive worked for for 25 years and I'm certainly not smug or proud, I'm disgusted at what it has become and the treatment of my colleagues. Shame on you, I'm embarrassed u r a colleague

    5. I hate how this blog collides people for having a view. Shame on you all above. We're all colleagues no matter what someone posts. And let's be honest, we're all about self preservation as we all got bills to pay

    6. I posted at 16:48 and 17:14 above. I understand that people in the NPS will be anxious about the possibility of cuts - I'm horrified by the Chancellor's announcement as well, as it's nothing less than civic vandalism.

      But it seems to me to be the height of crass insensitivity to post about it here on a post about redundancies happening in the here and now - and, let's not forget, on much less generous terms than will remain available to civil servants in the NPS - in the same breath as talking about a loss of security and safety. It really is no longer feeling like "we're all colleagues" any more.

    7. Dog eat dog

  8. We're all being shafted here by an ideological imperative. Having survived Michael Howard and Thatcher it's awful to do this again. Please let's not attack each other. It's not selfish to be worried about your future it's reasonable. 17.54 please reflect your comment is a little harsh. We're all victims of this ideology

    1. 1846 Your wrong that was a centric post all about me and my loss the posters who respond do so out of their anger . Strikers like me and others are let down despite the strikes were there to highlight and warn people of the plight. It is a sad indictment of the singleton view and the response posters make is not surprising they are the people made solidarity action fail then they worry about themselves. When the bigger cuts come they will understand and so ought you attacking the upset causes the same ripple. 20 :10 16: 13 they called it right in my opinion and that should resonate with all the strike breakers and napo resignations your own now and you can thank the Tories I reckon you voted for them too.

    2. Your comments are offensive. How dare you make such assumptions. I've striked and supported strike action for over 30 years both in time and financially. I don't need to answer to you or anyone about my voting but have never voted tory and devoted years to an alternative. I was asking. .not unreasonably to remember who the enemy is. Actually these vexatious comments appear to be trolling .I don't believe this is a comrades comment. Please troll elsewhere

    3. If your devoted years to an alternative is the liberals well done you voted tory

  9. I agree with 18:46. I have a colleague who seems to think that we are safe. All down the line they have said we have nothing to worry about. I just say do you think so. But really deep down in my heart I know that we are not. It is human nature to think that you could be safe with all of your skills, something that cannot be picked up off the street.
    So we humans will keep saying we are safe to actually get through this nightmare. I for one am starting to really panic now as I know time is limited to how long I work for a career I have built up over 15 years. But there is life after redundancy, work is not all that is important in life.

  10. A long letter from the unions to that nice Mr Gove has been posted on the Napo website, worth a read but I can't manage to cut and paste a link using my phone.

  11. heres a link:


  12. Austerity a la Greece is coming our way, the state will be killed only the corrupt and those that do their dirty work will survive. It's time to get wise, perhaps start a Time Bank and general community organising. There is no job security outside the rich and corrupt class. Remember the old Fighting Fund and the Christmas parties Probation held with the local people and their children, do you think we will ever see the like again?


    1. I remember a C'mas party with clients, their families, the local community, & very animated managers!! It was excellent!! Paid for by collections from staff in the local office, the local probation board, the local church & a local businessman (restauranteur). I also remember cooking xmas Day dinner for 24 residents & guests with our aco at the local probation hostel.

      My kids have never let me forget the 6 xmases I wasn't at home.