Tuesday, 5 March 2013

All Targets Met

We used to have a notice on the wall that read 'All targets met; all standards achieved; all pigs fed and ready for take off!' It made me chuckle then and it still might if it didn't sound just a bit hollow nowadays.

I can't help noticing that this blog will pass 200,000 hits today. The first 100,000 took from September 2010 to January 2012, so clearly productivity and customer satisfaction is improving year upon year. Much has been achieved, but there's more to do as they say when a prison gets a really bad HMI report.

As I'm prone to do, I thought I'd look back at the very first post. It was short and to the point:- 

In the Beginning

All blogs have to start somewhere - and this is it. I'm fed up with work - a job I absolutely loved has gone horribly wrong and is about to get a whole lot worse. I moan endlessly to colleagues - and clients - they listen politely and think 'poor sod, he'll be retired soon'. Nobody understands what the hell probation is all about - there's never been a decent tv drama series and this void of universal ignorance is ruthlessly taken advantage of by successive governments in order to wreak havoc upon us. We've been nationalised,  rationalised, marginalised, bureaucratised and will shortly be privatised. I feel helpless as this madness goes on around me and then suddenly all becomes clear - start blogging! 

Nothing much has changed. I still don't think most people understand what we do and there's still no decent tv drama series, but privatisation really does seem to be just around the corner.

Writers block doesn't seem to have affected me of late and this blog remains a blissfully troll-free zone. I'd like to thank everyone for that and for the very perceptive contributions and comments from readers.  

One of the extraordinary aspects of writing this blog seems to be my ability to meet self-imposed deadlines. I was always late with homework, always had extensions on essays at University and some of my PSR's have been known to go to the wire, but pretty well this blog gets new posts every morning.

I really do enjoy writing it and thank you very much for reading it!  

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  1. Yay - 200,000 hits - "way to go" Jim, as they say (though no idea what it means).

    "Much achieved but yet more to do" sounds like my old school reports! Is it me or do HMI reports always have a default conclusion of recommending yet more diversity traning?

    Congratulations anyway.

  2. Well done Jim, we might not always comment but we do read your blog and we do appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work! Roll on to the million!

  3. Thanks guys - much appreciated!