Saturday, 9 February 2013

Just Be in My Office on Monday!

With only a few more days left to catch the recent BBC1 tv documentary 'Out of Jail and on the Streets' via i-player, I thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast how we do things here with how they do them over in the United States. As we know, sometimes to our cost, what happens there, eventually arrives over here. Biometric reporting machines and lie-detectors are just two examples that spring to mind. 

Well, following an extensive internet search, I've managed to locate this which readers might find both useful, informative and likely to help with relaxation following a difficult week. 

Don't forget to sign the petition here - we're up to 17,867 now.

The 38 degrees campaign vote can be registered here - only 73 but every long journey starts with a few small steps. Why not spread the word?

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