Thursday, 4 October 2012

Business Opportunities

I'm feeling particularly irritable at the moment and a glance at the Greater Manchester Probation Trust website just makes matters worse. Their news section excitedly informs us that GMPT recently participated in the 12th annual Criminal Justice Management conference in London:-

Greater Manchester Probation Trust (GMPT) is participating in two seminars and will be marketing its innovative programmes team and research department. Lyndy Geddes, GMPT's commercial director, said the event provides the Trust with an excellent opportunity. She said 

"GMPT boasts a number of newly developed programmes that are at the cutting edge of offender management, and we are extremely proud of the Interventions' Team and the work it is producing. I firmly believe that what has been developed by Interventions offers the best in courses aimed at tackling offending behaviour, therefore showcasing what we have created at this event will help grow our business and mark us out as a leader in our field. We all know the next 12 months represents something of a watershed for probation, but as the government's changes develop it will create a competitive environment in which we can succeed and flourish."

I guess this sort of typical imitative business-speak is going to flourish in the coming months as Trusts try and outdo each other and hence 'succeed and flourish'. Arrrrghhh! Personally, it makes me cringe and want to put as much distance as possible between myself and a 'commercial director', both physically and philosophically. 

Anyway, Cumbria Probation Trust has clearly been impressed enough to be the first to shell out for the Improving Relationships programme IR-SC.

(I understand it can be purchased direct from GMPT. Please mention this blog when making enquiries.)  


  1. Below is a paragraph from a mailing to sentencers in its area that has been forwarded to me by a local J.P. by the newly formed probation trust

    "Serco has designed its operating model around the principles of ‘immediacy, intensity and
    localism’ and will involve rapid commencement of the order following sentence, a longer working day for unemployed offenders and more intensive working. The partnership between Anytown Probation Trust and Serco provides a fully integrated delivery model embedded in the Local Delivery Unit structure, delivering a step-change in performance and ensuring continuity of service."

    Doesn`t it just give one confidence in the future?

  2. Love the use of that term "commercial director" - sounds like another middle manager post akin to all the middle managers created in the NHS, which have not exactly worked out well !