Saturday, 25 August 2012

To Blog : Or Not to Blog

Like many regular readers, I'm delighted to see that The Magistrates' Blog will continue, despite the heavy advice from the senior Judiciary and following some administrative changes. Of course one reason why this blog and many other occupation-based efforts are so popular is precisely because they are not officially-sanctioned and therefore are likely to have something meaningful to say. 

By coincidence, just as this blog has confirmed it's continuation, I notice that another is going to cease. After just eight postings, probation officer Zoe Stafford has decided to cease blogging and tweeting under the auspices of Greater Manchester Probation Trust on the basis that she is no longer on the 'frontline' having moved to Head Office. I guess I'm not surprised because to be honest just how much can be said about any organisation when presumably the content is officially sanctioned? Is it not highly likely to be merely platitudinous or self-serving in some way?

As I've said previously, the whole enterprise seems to have been an attempt at image management but significantly with no attempt at engaging with any negative comment that might be generated as a result. To be honest my view of responsible blogging includes engagement with detractors and discussion with those of differing viewpoints. I have a funny feeling that this probation dip of the toe into the hostile waters of public perception was conceived rather more as a clever press release than an invitation to a serious debate. 

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