Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Crime Launched

Yes it's true. At a time of supposed falling crime rates and in what can only be described as a stroke of genius, those boffins at the Home Office have come up with a cunning plan to create more work for the police, G4S, CPS, HMCTS, HMP and the Probation Service to boot! As reported here by the BBC, trials are due to start in England and Wales next month:-

"Offenders who commit crimes fuelled by alcohol are to be monitored and breath-tested to ensure they stop drinking, under government plans.
Police will have powers to impose "sobriety orders" on drinkers cautioned for minor offences, such as criminal damage or public disorder.
They will be regularly breath-tested, with those known for weekend binges tested at those times."

What a fantastic idea, especially when the police don't have much to do. All those pesky pissed-up Friday and Saturday night revellers having to queue up at the station to be breath-tested on a Friday and Saturday night when things are quiet down at the nick. It cunningly creates a whole new raft of offences - like failing to turn up for testing - and thus in one master stroke generates lots more offenders and hence work for all of us in the Criminal Justice System. I simply don't know why we didn't think of this before - you just tell someone to stop drinking and lock 'em up if they don't!

It's brilliant and just the sort of thing I'd expect from those young, thrusting up-and-coming Civil Servants and policy advisers down at the Home Office. It's bound to lead to promotion and the fast track to the top. You know, like Louise Casey.


  1. Oh good grief

    The country having finally been rescued from a bunch of half-witted self-serving buffoons who wanted to restrict freedom and liberty by inventing thousands of new offences to repress and criminalise the public, we have more. Who on earth can possibly think this feasible?

    This can only come from the minds of graduates thinking that a first in Greats from Oxbridge gives you the insight to solve problems when no one else can. Is there no one in the Civil Service with any experience of real life?

    By the way as a side interest, submit an FoI request to your local police to see if they have an agreement with Social Services for the police to require them to visit vulnerable people a number of times a year. My local police must visit and physically see vulnerable people twice a year. So? I hear you say. There are over 100 so designated in my local authority area alone, making 200+ visits per year. Add those times when the people are out, don’t answer the door and otherwise unavailable and work out the number of times called before the person is seen, 350+? Maybe. All this to be done by 2 PC’s and 4 PCSO’s. Is this a police function of heaven forbid, the Social Services might like to do their own job. This (and your post) is the sort of nonsense lumped on the police to keep them from patrolling the streets as they should.


  2. Will these sanctions be brought into action against members of the Bullington Club?